Meeting Karolina from Warsaw

2014.02.06. 12:25 zsuzsipecs

But until then I can still deal with everyday problems. Via the Internet I have now finally my courses in Warsaw show. It is all in English instead, but I 've never found one so badly organized Internet portal!

We got sent from the International Office Assistant in a price page, with all that is offered. But the perceived half of the courses is not in the database! Supposedly, the IT department is sick. The courses should be reloaded later. But nothing happens and suddenly we get a new price list and somehow my Learning Agreement does not fit quite as well now... time to run screaming in circles... and to check the cheapest Ferry Dover Dunkirk offers.

But my buddy has been reported. Karolina from Warsaw has the honorable task to me,“ take care.“ Facebook has already written me that they will pick me up from the station and I'm looking forward fully. Three weeks...

A letter in the mailbox. I applied for a semester abroad. I want to go to Warsaw. After Poznan and Athens... Actually, for me there is indeed no Plan B except Poland...

I have made at the European School Storkow my high school. And there have made the German Abitur with me twelve poles. I have always used to mislead annoyed when the Polish among themselves have spoken, although German stood nearby. So I started at the Polish community college to learn. Not that my Polish would have been sufficient to prosecute any disputes, but still: Also the cheapest Ferry Dover Calais ads look good.

A beginning was made . About this German - Polish project I could now also available for four weeks, our Polish partner school in Valencia. And I really loved it. Ever since it was clear: I want to study in Poland. I want to spend at least one semester there and that was also the reason why I applied for the summer semester 2009 for the Erasmus program at our partner universities.

And finally comes a letter from the FHW. For admission to semester one must first pass an English test... And ran so bad for me! The approval (or not ) was announced for August. And today was a letter in the mailbox. I thought it's from... I thought, now I find out that I failed the English test... so I'm starting anxious to read the letter:

We would like to“... trembling...“ make the happy announcement“... ui... ui... ui...“ that you need for a one -semester study period from summer semester 2009“... uiuiuiuiui...“ Warsaw“... woooohooo...“ at the Szkola Glowna Handlowa“... yeeeeeehaaaaaaa...“ were selected in Poland.“ Oh my God, I jumped... I hope I did Juliet's nail polish is not destroyed when I am her arms around his neck... Wooooooohooooooooo! I'm going to Poland! I'm going to Warsaw and to Gdansk...

And then the second nail-biter: While I have firstonce worried champagne and chips in Reichelt, I called Anna. Anna has namely specified Warsaw. And before I even said that I would of course happy for her when she gets the place, but when they get it and I do not... I think, a little bit I would have been hated. But Anna has still felt worse after the English test than I do. So now the review - whether Anna has done it?

Szólj hozzá!

Visiting the Lithuanian Independence Day

2014.01.23. 12:23 zsuzsipecs

A story that I had almost forgotten, but which is again so typical. But from the front. March 11 - Lithuanian Independence Day. I 'm still not clear what is being celebrated exactly ( clear - the independence, but why on the date? ), But in any case, Lithuania and for me really likeable country. Our two Lithuanians so bake a delicious cake stack and then black bread into strips with a mayonnaise - cheese -something sauce. Sounds simple, but it is absolutely delicious. When I grade say goodbye to Anja, I still think that this food will probably be the highlight of the evening - but I was wrong!

I leave with Sue as the last room. We are located on the fifth floor of the dormitory Sabinki. Since flits, at night by one a blond girl past us. I watch at so and think. She also just came back from Prices Ferry Belfast Liverpool.

" Kasia“, I ask. And her eyes are getting bigger. Kasia was one of the twelve poles that have made me a high school and now we are we here refer to the middle of the night in the dorm. I slightly inebriated, they deeply surprised. I speak more in English because yes Sue standing next to me. And briefly explain what I'm doing here, but Kasia is completely blown away. We call ourselves nor our room numbers, which of course I forget her again. Typical. But we are now Facebook friends... maybe that is something with a meeting and checking the Prices Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam.

Hmmm... so that I from time to time people meet by chance in Berlin - because I was by now accustomed to. The fact that I also see in Warsaw and Erasmus students in the middle of the city - also because I got used to. But a former Polish classmate in the same dorm to meet - that is completely new even for me.

My plan for today: I buy detergent and wash gel, mobile phone credit card ( yeah... finally a Polish mobile number! ) And postcards. So far so good. So I suggest a way to Zlote Tarasy. Washing gel and soap are not a problem. Something I get to the Super Farm. However, I hate the wide choice there almost back. Detergent is not Prblem, but which seems Cleansing Gel for now most beneficial for my delicate, damaged by the Polish hydrochloric skin? Also the Prices Ferry Belfast Cairnryan looked good.

I decide at the end of the“ polite“ product. There is always yes On every care products a guide on how to apply and the instructions on this end as follows:“ Look into the mirror and enjoy your beauty.“ Well, I 'm saying no, no.

Then I browse the zloty from Tarasy by postcard. I can not find anywhere any. And that I would like to buy twenty zloty credit for Heyah, I forget promptly. Now I wonder: Where to get in Berlin postcards? And the answer is easy: Anywhere! In the bookstore, in the newspaper business, a gift shop... are everywhere postcards. Where now but I should look in Warsaw? I can think of a souvenir shop in the old town. But nothing more. New plan so I 'm going to the old town.

Szólj hozzá!

From Berlin to Izmir

2014.01.09. 12:10 zsuzsipecs

Linda gave me the contact to Özgür. Özgür was for one year at the School of Economics as an Erasmus student, but is actually a student of EGE Üniversitesi. He could pick me up from the airport, unfortunately not, but we will meet on Friday spontaneously.

It was my first real contact with people (* g * as that sounds ), since I am in Izmir. So we met at four in Metro Bornova. Until then, I thought, we briefly what to eat, he found me a Turkish SIM card and in the evening I go to the student village. There we talked about car Ferry Dublin Holyhead .

Fallacy: First he showed me the Economics Faculty ( how incredibly nice the staff there are... who I waved through the whole office, even though they have not understood a word of what we said I like Turks.! ), Then a Turkish SIM card concerned ( which still does not quite work as they should ), and then we wanted something to eat Turkish get for me. Suddenly surprising:

Özgür thinks we meet a friend of his. Said friend - Baha - then already waiting for us. He was also for a year in Lithuania as an Erasmus student. And now : Unbelievable... how could I miss this before... we were in a bar - café- road. Comparable to the Simon-Dach- or Oranienburger Street in Berlin. Here I got lunch ( Gözleme stuffed with sausage and cheese - saulecker ) and I smoke my first Turkish hookah. The guys assure me beforehand that not a bit higher than making a hookah from Germany and talked about a trip with car Ferry Cairnryan Larne.

And they're right. Tastes great and smokes perfectly. I like Izmir! By the way, the two at the idea Turks would camels against girls swap laughed half dead. Özgür just meant that he had never seen a camel in Izmir and Baha thinks for a moment and comes to the conclusion that he has absolutely never seen a camel.

Then we get off at Baha into the car ( a Mercedes! ) And both still take me by car through the campus, show me the sports courts, of course, the library ( for learning and so! ) And then we put the car in Baha from and run back to the bars. Baha said, namely, that he has even arranged to meet in the evening with two friends for a drink. And Özgür and I would like to happen naturally. No sooner said than done. The two have eaten something and then we went to a bar, where Baha's friend and his girlfriend were waiting. Later we talked about car Ferry Cairnryan Belfast.

So we emptied two and then switched over to a rock bar. With live music. The singer had a really cool voice, have been covered pop-rock songs. Most Turkish, but also in between some English pieces. The Turkish people could actually sing along to all, we danced, drank beer... perfect. However, I have still no idea who has actually paid my two beers and shots of tequila.

Steam beer ( Efes ) tastes way better than I expected. Now it was already two, and I was also doing well. Rather than return to the student village we ran now fifth to Baha's apartment and slept circuit last finally there. I even had my own room! By the way... when I was... I swear, the room has turned!

Szólj hozzá!

on the Praza do Obradoiro

2014.01.02. 12:06 zsuzsipecs

At 07.00 clock went the alarm clock of the Scots, and we all have made mobile. The sanitary facilities are still in need of renovation, but we have grown used to the flip-flops in the showers.

Start was at 08.00 clock, though it was foggy and cold, but we went full of anticipation going on. In the first house with a bar we had breakfast. Then we had to concentrate in order not to lose sight of Martin. He had almost reached his personal goal and now switched on the turbo. According to his plan, he counted us the remaining distance and led us into the city to the cathedral. Ming caught up to us and asked us to be able to walk the rest of the way with us. Arriving at the cathedral, we went first to the pilgrim's office to let us issue the certificate and to request information about the city in Santiago de Compostela.

That worked like clockwork. We were there on time and had chosen well the time. We were not told that the pilgrim hostel only opens at 16.00 clock. So we are the mountain into the valley and on the other side up again and went marching arrived there after a short break back. The baggage we have then for € 1, - parked in the pilgrim's office and are broken up under Martin's guidance for pilgrims tour of the cathedral where they also had voucher Ferry Dublin Liverpool ads.

Just in time for the start of the Pilgrims' Mass at 12.00 clock, we had done everything and were also able to learn while listening carefully that three German pilgrims had arrived from Somportpaß today. Olli and I belonged to it. It was a special feeling.

As the show is not only visited by pilgrims, the seating is well filled. What bothers the tourist groups which will continue through the nave and take no account of the "believers" who are present from higher motives there. I also thought about the next voucher Ferry Holyhead Dublin.

For supper, Martin ranked in the never- ending stream. We have waited patiently for him and are then ambled back through the streets. Now our pilgrimage tour was actually completed. We have an appointment with Ronny and Martin for the afternoon and went to the Tourist Info to search for a hostel. Pilgrim hostel we did not want anymore.

We have then the Hostal Suso found right near the cathedral a good accommodation - nice room with private shower, bed linen, towels and just good. Nothing more sleeping bag and dormitory. Also voucher Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland looked good.

In the afternoon we have agreed with Martin and Ronny on the Praza do Obradoiro front of the cathedral, enjoy your dinner los Reyes Catolicos Hotel de. This Parador hotel was the former pilgrims' hostel and enables still ten pilgrims, breakfast, lunch or dinner take. You just have to do and know where to look. So I went to the doorman and asked. He showed me the place and we have 45 minutes before hired.

Szólj hozzá!

In Carrion de los Condes

2013.12.05. 12:04 zsuzsipecs

In Carrion de los Condes, we are not followed the arrows but the directions to the left to the monastery of the Poor Clares. There we were greeted by a nice man, which assigned us a room with three beds. It was a bed occupied by a Dutchman, but living in Spain and liked the FC Barcelona.

The water was hot and we were able to hang it up to dry the laundry in the courtyard. In addition, the kitchen was good and so we have prepared for cooking and took the shopping bags to the village. There was an intake of beer in a bar, bought pasta and tomato sauce in the supermarket and met Martin and Ronny. They were staying in the village inn, and knew nothing of the monastery. The Yellow Book is really a good luck charm. Later we cooked and given to the rest of the noodles a Basques. 500 grams of pasta with sauce is too much even after 45 km for two people.

We were then subsequently still in town and got to know Emil Senn learned. The Swiss 's been a few years older and has a strong inflammation of the Achilles tendon suffered because he has run with MBT shoes. The rest of the story to him gave me Hermione, the Austrian told. He also had a messenger bag with books doing of which he had been but partially separated. We saw him in the evening with a Cordjacket and thought this would be his evening wear. Hermione but told me the next morning that he was so on the go. Also I found new Vehicle Ferry Liverpool Dublin ideas.

We went to bed early to also treat your feet to rest. The bubbles no longer charge and every morning are now padded with an additional patch.

After a good night's sleep we have at 07.00 clock made a broth and those shared with Hermione and her companion from Estonia. It is mountain guide and Markku has picked up on the road. He goes about their pace and they shall take some evenings together. At 0730 clock we went. This was apart from the light mist and the beautiful sunrise in the back of a boring route, 17 km straight ahead and totally flat. Initially, there were a few alders and poplars, then nothing. Also the Vehicle Ferry Pembroke Rosslare ideas looked good.

We got an hour a hint that we walk on a historical captivity, the Via Aquitania from Bordeaux to Astorga. The only interesting thing was crossing the Canada Real, but that we have not seen since it was not marked. The road was to go partly good, but had often as a topping rolling gravel in all strengths. At 10.40 clock, we were already in Calzadilla and had brought the first boring 17 km behind us. In this morning temperatures only a lot of movement remains.

In the only bar in the village we took a CCL and una dolce pequeno it. The right foot poked and I 've discovered a new bubble. Sch.... Taped and also equal undressed leg warmers. In a very varied route it went towards Sahagun. Our ambitious goal for the day Terradillos de los Templarios turned out to be very small settlement and was also reached too early. In Moratinos, we then saw the first wineries in the ground. There the wine cellar housed in artificial or natural hills.

Szólj hozzá!

My trip to Santiago

2013.12.01. 12:00 zsuzsipecs

On the terrace of the restaurant sat two young women who had taken off her shoes and kept the feet in the sun. Olli, as usual, " God Bless" and it turned out that they had stayed a day in Arres before us. We have about drinking 1.5 liters of water and then went on. The following path was exhausting but beautiful. One and a half hours, it was all uphill through a sparse forest cover in good sun. The large water consumption during the break had a positive impact.

After a water break at 880 m altitude, we were knocked down when taking backpacks almost a Talwindböe. But the reward was still. After an hour only downhill, dirt tracks and very old plaster, probably an original medieval pilgrimage route, we were in Undués de Lerda. This village had no abandoned houses and is very well renovated. Oddly enough, the Spaniards have a preference for concrete. Village roads and local centers : Everything is sealed with concrete. The flowers are in large pots or tin cans in front of the house. The hostel is located in a large house next to the church and had some nice France Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg offers.

One floor hostel with kitchen and extra comfort. In the other level, the dormitories for the pilgrims. We have reported to us in the bar next door, to register and inquired after dinner. But the lady was about to close her hostel as she was ill. Pollen allergy turned out after Obtain the reason. But she was ready, even a bottle of wine and a Bocadillo con Jamon to sell us beer after running as supper. This huge white bread with delicious ham was " destroy " only with difficulty to. Then we had to take a long walk through the village and inspect the old doors and farm gates. I also met somebody who just came back from a Ireland Ferry Liverpool Belfast trip.

We had announced the Hospitalera still the two young women and have searched the described her way to her house. The ladies arrived late at night and still on, but had by demand in the village and still get the Hospitalera also a modest supper. Since we were the only guests, we were able to spread out in all rooms and each had plenty of space. I am drawn further into the night a room. In the following nights, I then " screwed " precautionary ear plugs and need no longer be evaded.

For breakfast at 07.30 clock, we inaugurated Ollis immersion heater. These vegetable stock cubes from Aldi were heated in a tin cup with water. Not a bad breakfast. Then I have my backpack relieved attracted a hiking pants and the old jeans, black sweater Aldi and the heavy roll left with the silver fabric tape. Weight savings determined 1.5 kg. At sunrise in the back it was 08.00 clock through beautiful fields on farm roads, some of which were clayey and sticky from the night humidity, direction Sangüesa to Madrid.

After half an hour we had reached the first provincial border. Aragon said goodbye and the province of Navarra welcomed us with new ways markings. In addition to the scallop now accompanied us also a good bright yellow arrow. The way to the city Sangüesa is very long because the front gardens extend very far. In the marketplace, we have our water supply and are then further supplemented.

Szólj hozzá!